Vertical Dreamscape is an experimental aerial pole dance work featuring US National Pole Art champion Donna Carnow and visual artist & performer Gina Alm. The production is an ever-changing collection of vignettes where the performers shift fluidly through a montage of obscure dream-worlds to propel a seemingly stream-of-conscious, highly abstract narrative.

Donna and Gina debuted their first dreamscape at the 2023 Reykjavík Fringe Festival with overwhelming success. Since then, they have conjured all new, fresh vignettes in another evening-length performance, specifically arranged for their 2024 BNFN tour. This new curation is cinematic, dark, strange, and funny. The durational structure of the dreamscapes paired with the physically demanding nature of aerial pole produces a powerful, visceral, and transcendent product that feels vibrant, unpredictable, and of an alien world.

June 19, 2024 17:00

June 20, 2024 19:15

Genre: Performance
Duration: 45 mins
Price: 2000 ISK