House of Heart: A Drag Saga

This Reykjavík Fringe 2024, you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind drag show, created by legendary local drag troupe, House of Heart. Key players in the Reykjavík drag scene, they have graced all the main stages in the city through the last few years - from divey bars to the big stage of Reykjavík Pride.

"House of Heart: The Drag Saga" is where theater and drag meet in pure confusion - an epic story, filled with glamor, laughter and stupidity! Through the glitter lens of drag, you will learn all about the drag family House of Heart, about their good, their bad, and even their battle against evil forces. Lola von Heart, Chardonnay Bublée, Milo de Mix and Úlla la Delish invite you into their little world, for one night only. There will be classic and not-so-classic drag acts, dancing, music, and of course a lot of silly jokes. You do not want to miss this feast!

The House of Heart is not only a drag troupe but a close-knit group of friends who love creating art together. Their use of the terms “House” and “drag-family” are a respectful nod to queer culture and the legacy of ballroom, and the Hearts always bring the values of community and queer joy to their shows.

June 21, 2024 20:30

Genre: Performance
Duration: 90 mins
Price: 4900 ISK