Tækjabúnaður // TECH



Sýningartjald á sviði // Screen 6,5m x 3,7m 16:9 Ratio

Panasonic RZ970 WUXGA Laser projector with Panasonic DLE085 lense 10,000 lumens

Hitachi CP-X 10000 Projector 7500 ANSI Lumens

Skrifstofuvarpar // Office projectors:

Panasonic PT AE4000 1600 lumens

Toshiba TDP-T90A


Grand MA2 OnPC Command vængur og Fader vængur

144 Dimmer rásir

30 x ETC ColorSource Par Deep Blue


2 x ETC Revolution

30 x PAR CP64 1000w

8 x ETC S4 Zoom 15/30 750w

16 x ETC S4 Zoom 25/50 750w

4 x Prelude Fresnel 2Kw

1 x Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Hazer Mistvél

1 x Martin ZR35 Fog Reykvél


Allen & Heath dLive C2500 surface

dLive CDM36 MixRack

3 x DX168 Stage Box

Hljóðkerfi // SOUND SYSTEM

2 x Meyer Sound CQ

2 x Meyer Sound UPJ-1

Meyer Sound 750-P Botn

Aukalega // EXTRA

2 x Meyer Sound UPJ-1

4 x Yamaha DSR112 monitor

Hljóðnemar // MICROPHONES

5 x Audix OM7

6 x Audix i5

2 x Audix ADX-51 cardoid condenser

2 x Audix D2

1 x Audix D4

1 x Audix D6

3 x Mipro Þráðlaus ACT-707HM (chordless mics)

3 x Mipro Spöng ACT-7T

Annað // Everything else

2 x Stereo DI Box Klark Teknik DN200

3 x Mono DI Box Klark Teknik DN100

1 x Beinn hljóðnema standur / 1 Straigh mic stand

8 x Bómu hljóðnema standur / 8 Boom stands

5 x Lítill hljóðnema standur / 5 small mic stands

What you need to know about Tjarnarbio tech and stage


Our projection screen is 6,5m x 3,7m 16:9 Ratio. 

Projector: Hitachi CP-X 10000 7500 ANSI Lumens 

Rigged on the lighting truss above the first row. Cable runs to the FOH and is plugged into our computer. (It can be plugged into a different computer). 


Maximum dB level permits are 95dB. 

Allen & Heath dLive C2500 surface. 

Mains: 2x Meyer Sound CQ, 2x Meyer Sound UPJ-1, Meyer Sound UPJ-1 Subwoofer placed at the back wall, stage right. 

Our MAINS are rigged from the ceiling and are not to be taken down. 

We have 4x Yamaha DSR112 speakers that can be placed wherever you want and stands as well for them. 

We have 3x DX168 Stage Boxes that can be used. 

The patch room upstairs is prohibited. Changing anything up there is not allowed unless with permission.


version 4.7 

Routing is via Dante. 


LD system 

Mixrack Stagebox: 

There is a stagebox on the stage which is connected to the A&H main system. 


Android dongle behind the TV where you can put an USB stick in for example or add on to ours which is there already if you want to play specific elements on there with your show. There is also a HDMI cable rolled up behind it which you can use to connect to a computer. 


Grand MA2 OnPC Command Wing with faders. 

MA Software: 

The fixtures in the ceiling can not be moved without permission. They are used in many shows so those are the default setup of the house. 

If lines are disconnected and used for other lights they need to be marked properly or connected again after show. 

The smoke detectors can be isolated for up to 3 hours. 


The Panasonic projector is always up and is the house projector 


An ethernet cable runs from the truss, over the ceiling and coming down at the FOH connecting to Ethernet over HDMI box and then with and HDMI to the M1 computer next to the A&H mixer.