Venus (& Sjö ljóð úr óskrifaðri ljóðabók)

In the piece Venus, an attempt is made to start over, reset the female body and find new ways to stage it. We invite you on a journey to the planet Venus, a feminist utopia where the patriarchy never existed. How would women enjoy themselves? How would they experience the world and their own bodies? Is it possible to look at a woman's body on stage without objectifying it? A colorful show that plays with the eye with illusions and humor while making an attempt to liberate the female body.

Anna Guðrún and Bjartey are dancers and choreographers. They graduated from the same class of contemporary dance at Iceland Univercity of the Arts and have worked together a lot since then. For example in the feminist punk band The Boob Sweat Gang and FWD Youth Company. Together they have developed working methods and share the same artistic interests. The musician and stage author Anna Róshildur enters the process as a composer and takes care of the sound film.